Meet The Team

The 42 Warsaw team is growing to welcome candidates in full capacity in the autumn of 2023. They are individuals who care for our 42 Warsaw community and space, striving to enrich the educational and social life of 42 Warsaw.


Oktawia Gorzeńska

She specializes in innovation and leadership topics. She advises individuals and institutions responsible for strategic actions in the fields of education, digital competencies, and change management at the national and European levels, e.g. European Economic and Social Committee. She is a lecturer, author, and co-author of books and projects, and has previously served as a school director.

 At 42 Warsaw, she leads the work of the entire team, develops the strategy, and builds an ecosystem of partnerships with various entities.



Aleksandra Czetwertyńska

She has extensive and longstanding experience working in non-governmental organizations focused on education and digital competencies at the Center for Citizenship Education and the Digital Center. The idea of learning is very important to her. At 42 Warsaw, she is responsible for building a community and creating inclusive conditions for its development.



Joanna Śmigiel

Previously a coordinator of international and EU projects in education (LLL, digital education, development education, key competences), experienced in working in multicultural and multilingual environment. At 42 Warsaw, she is responsible for overseeing office day-to-day operations, planning and coordinating administrative procedures and generally, making sure that 42 Warsaw office runs smoothly. She is not afraid of budgets, schedules and deadlines.



Jakub Schabowski

He is an IT Lead at 42 Warsaw, responsible for overseeing all IT infrastructure of the school. He has experience in assisting users with overcoming challenges they encounter. If you encounter any difficulties with your accounts, software, hardware, or anything else, there’s no need to worry – feel free to reach out for assistance.



Alina Pielaszkiewicz

As an alumna of the 42 campus, she will support students and candidates as they navigate their own educational paths in the unique 42 pedagogy system. She values education, personal growth, and collaboration as key drivers for positive change. Her transition from natural sciences to technology was sparked by a determination tounderstand and contribute to developing technologies. Committed to using technology for meaningful improvements, she is excited to help empower the next generation of tech innovators at 42 Warsaw.



Iga Skolimowska

She is an energetic and experienced project manager with a track record of working on both local and international projects. She has extensive experience in initiatives focused on education and culture. In her free time, she leads non-governmental organizations and enjoys assisting her peers in their personal growth and the establishment of their own projects. At 42 Warsaw, she is responsible for organizing a variety of events aimed at fostering students’ development.



Herkules Pierewoj

He is a video editor, STEAM and new technologies’ educator with significant experience in non-government organizations. At 42 Warsaw he is responsible for our social media and IT infrastructure’s smooth operation. He’ll help you take your first steps in 3D printing and modelling, as well as resolve any technical difficulties you may encounter. You’ll find him easily just by seeking lens reflections. A sailing enthusiast, who made a documentary about ice yacht racing, which led to making his first steps as an ice sailor in the DN class.