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We invite all women to participate in

the Discovery Piscine – an innovative 5-day training in the spirit of 42,

which will open the doors to the world of web development for you.


No teachers, no lectures, no lessons – just you, your determination, and the opportunity to discover new skills.


Read more about the program below!

Applications are accepted only until May 31st, via this form:

What is Discovery Piscine?

It’s a 5-day training for women in the spirit of 42 (no teachers, no lectures, no lessons), during which you will learn the basics of web development, discover your predispositions, and new directions for development. Discovery Piscine will be conducted in English (required level: communicative).


The training requires presence at the 42 Warsaw campus (Al. Solidarności 171 B, Warsaw) from June 24th to 28th, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

What Discovery Piscine is not?

It’s not a bootcamp, course, or traditional training – you will learn in a peer-to-peer model, meaning you direct your own development during Discovery and work with other participants, receiving tutoring support from us.
Discovery Piscine is not a stage of recruitment for 42 Warsaw, but it’s an ideal opportunity to experience the peer-to-peer model in practice, which we use in 42 🙂
To become a regular student at 42 Warsaw, you must, like others, pass online games -> Introduction Meeting -> and a 4-week Piscin

Discovery Piscine is for you if:

– you’re curious about programming but haven’t dealt with it before,

– you want to understand the basics of creating websites,

– you feel comfortable in a learning environment where you independently direct your own development,

– you have experience with programming but want to discover the effectiveness of the peer-to-peer model, in which we work at 42 Warsaw,

– you want to discover your potential for learning and exploring new things and be inspired to act in a new field,

– you are at least 18 years old.

What you will learn:

– you will learn what a terminal is and how to work with a computer like a real hacker,

– you will learn the basics of HTML-CSS and JavaScript, which are essential in the work of a Web Developer,

– you will create your own website together with other Discovery Piscine participants

– how the most effective learning model works in practice: peer-to-peer (peer education).

So? Are you joining us?


Applications are accepted only until May 31st, via this form: